Selecting the right pillow insert/form for your throw pillowcase

I have been asked this question several time. What is the right size of pillow insert for pillowcases, especially when it comes to decorative or throw pillows. So, let’s do some pillow talk today.

Most of the mainstream manufacturers of pillow inserts snitch on the use of filling or stuffing for the pillow inserts which is why I have seen a lot of designers and pillow experts mention to pillow inserts that are 1-2 inches larger than the pillowcases. In most cases rightly so because it gives the pillows the firmness and makes them fluffier in their look and feel. At the same time, it is difficult for customers to insert the pillow inserts/forms that are larger than the pillowcase and most of the time this experience ends up in damaging the pillowcase.

When we decided to offer pillowcases and pillow inserts online to our customers, we decided that customers don’t need to think too much when they purchase pillowcases and pillow inserts from us. The most obvious choice is to buy pillow inserts that are the same size as the pillowcase.

We ultimately found a local manufacturers of pillow inserts in Canada who were willing to customize the pillow inserts as per our requirements. We sell a lot of outdoor pillows, so we obviously wanted to ensure the pillow inserts are hypoallergenic, water resistant, mold/mildew resistant and generously stuffed with all-new 100% white polyester fibers. We also wanted to ensure the outer shell has better resistance against the forces of nature, so we had the manufacturer use an upgraded microfiber polyester shell for all our pillow inserts. This ensured that the pillow inserts are well suited to our outdoor, water, mold, and mildew resistant pillowcases. Our maximum-fill decision gives the pillow inserts a very firm, fluffy, and plump feel while making it one of the most comfortable and durable pillows you can use for a long time.

Now when you purchase a 18”X18” pillowcase from our InStyle Pillows site you just need to buy an 18”X18” pillow insert/form to complement our InStyle pillowcase.

InStyle Pillows is a small Canadian company selling pillows mainly in the Canadian market. We are doing our best to provide the most comfortable and great looking pillows to fulfil your needs and to enliven your space. Even though we sell our pillows as outdoor pillows, you can even use them indoors. These are promoted as outdoor pillows because the pillow inserts as well as the pillowcases use materials that are resistant to the natural forces like water, rain, mold, and mildew while maintaining their form, beauty, and your comfort in mind.

Gabe S